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Welcome to Caring for the Land - a blog about the Canadian farmers who spend every day growing crops and caring for animals. They're world leaders in the production of safe, high quality and low-cost food. And they do so in a way that protects the environment.

In fact, Canadian farmers lead the world in environmental initiatives. We're proud of how they care for the land - and want to tell you why. Our future depends on our ability to take good care of our land and water. It's a job that everyone who lives and works in agriculture takes seriously.

Through this blog, we'll explore many of the things being done on Canadian farms to help the environment.

Now is the time for creativity

Our annual Creativity Contest is in full swing, and with schools back in session, it is the perfect time to work on it.  Any student, from pre-school up until Grade 8, can enter the contest either as an individual or as part of a class entry.  Great prizes are available.  Entry forms and full details are available at http://bit.ly/agaware.  

Inside Farming: View from an Iowa Farm

By: Brendan Louwagie, CanACT Member, University of Guelph Misconceptions in agriculture in choosing seeds, ‘I’m no pawn of Monsanto’ Winter allows a bit of downtime for most farmers. We use it to look back on the prior year and to make plans for the next. We learn from mistakes, failures, and successes, and attempt to make sense of it all. Personally, I think of each growing season as a clean slate to test out theories and debunk some popular myths about how a corn or soybean plant creates maximum yield. It’s also a time when we get to make choices about what to plant, where to plant it, and what seed to use in each situation. It’s often a very personal and private decision. (more...)

A history of environmental responsibility

Effective use of resources at Kaiser Lake Farms By Treena Hein At Kaiser Lake Farms in the Bay of Quinte peninsula near Napanee Ontario, care for the land goes back many decades. Father and son Eric and Max (vice president and president of the farm) are building on a long history of environmental stewardship as they work the farm today – and look to the future. (more...)

Does it have to be today?

Why farmers spread manure when they do By: Patricia Grotenhuis, sixth generation farmer This summer, one of our neighbours asked us a favour, and we just couldn’t grant it. One Saturday morning at approximately 9:30 a.m., we heard a knock at the door. Our neighbour had a request – could we please not spread manure that day, since he was having a family reunion and was afraid the smell would be too strong. We were left in an awkward position. The request seems simple enough to grant. There are always jobs to do on the farm, so simply switching a day of spreading manure for a day of doing other jobs is surely easy, right? Wrong. (more...)

Innovative school programs bring food and farming to Toronto students

By Lilian Schaer Toronto’s South Riverdale neighbourhood – also known as Leslieville/Riverside – isn’t one usually associated with farming and food production. However, Eastdale Collegiate, a small, inner city high school near Broadview and Gerrard, is changing that. An innovative approach combining a culinary program with a rooftop garden is teaching students where their food comes from, building life skills, and instilling healthy eating habits. (more...)