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Welcome to Caring for the Land - a blog about the Canadian farmers who spend every day growing crops and caring for animals. They're world leaders in the production of safe, high quality and low-cost food. And they do so in a way that protects the environment.

In fact, Canadian farmers lead the world in environmental initiatives. We're proud of how they care for the land - and want to tell you why. Our future depends on our ability to take good care of our land and water. It's a job that everyone who lives and works in agriculture takes seriously.

Through this blog, we'll explore many of the things being done on Canadian farms to help the environment.

Taking a farm sustainably into its second century

By Treena Hein for Farm & Food Care (Battersea) It’s coming up on an exciting time for the Sleeth family farm in Battersea, Ontario. In a few short years, Ron and Eileen and their family will celebrate the 200th anniversary of their ancestors’ arrival to Frontenac County from Ireland in 1820’s. They will also soon celebrate a century on the present farm, purchased by Ronald’s grandparents in 1921. (more...)

A 50 year journey

By Lisa McLean and Kelly Daynard London – It’s been a long journey from their homeland in Holland to a successful three-generation family farming business in London for the Heemans. That journey started more than 50 years ago for Bill and Susan Heeman. Bill said that he was looking for new opportunities. “I was in love. I wanted to get married,” he recalls with a smile. Both Bill and Susan had family that had already moved to Canada so when a recruiter offered to sell them tickets to Canada, they decided that the time was right. (more...)

The Highs & Lows of Week One On #Farm365

By Andrew Campbell, Ontario dairy farmer Who knew so many people would want to look in on the farm? What started as a simple idea on New Year’s Day based on other photo-a-day challenges, #Farm365 on Twitter has turned into something far greater than a few pictures of corn or cows. It’s turned into a great force of farmers sticking up for themselves and consumers getting a better idea of what it takes to send food out of the driveway. I wanted to share a few highs and lows about the first week. Let’s get the lows out of the way. (more...)

Be positive when responding to critics in social media

By Brent Royce, Ontario farmer As I’ve watched twitter over the last week I’ve been both surprised and disappointed by how those in Ontario agriculture have reacted to the point that for a few days I didn’t even know what to say or how to say it. With the New Year, a new hashtag has emerged. #farm365 is the brain child of a very good agriculture spokesman - @FreshAirFarmer. The uptake of this has been amazing to say the least; agriculture has grabbed hold of this and have run to open their farm doors virtually to help connect with the urban public. (more...)

Merry Christmas!

Here are a few fun facts about Christmas and Ontario's farms. Wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas and all the best in 2015. Christmas on Ontario farms